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Express Marketing Database Ownership Plan
Plan 1000records (RM) 5000records (RM) 10000records (RM) 20000records (RM)
Public e-mail 200 900 1700 3200
Private email 1000 4000 7000 12000
Contact number 400 1800 3400 6400
Name and email 1200 6000 9000 13000
Name and contact number 600 2800 5400 11000
Name, contact number and email 2000 8000 11000 15000
Name and address 1200 5000 8000 13000
Complete list with gender, preference and etc.. 2000 9000 14000 18000

For purchase of more than 20,000 records, do contact our sales team for special rate.

Important note: The database is sold as it is without warranty and we are not responsible for any businesses or activities related to the use of the database by your party. You must agree that not to resell or share the database with another party without consent from us or we have the right to claim losses due to your unauthorized activities.

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